Since the invention of body parts and brains women have secretly ruled the planet. They are smarter, they are prettier, they know exactly where you left your keys, and they are the most resilient beings in our known galaxy. They provide life, inspire art, and force the English language to evolve in the manners of seduction. You are thinking about a woman right now and it is for this fact that we must celebrate their holy temple in the only way we see fit.

Insignificant gentlemen and impassioned ladies welcome to the 1st annual GIRLZ n’ Glam.


This Sunday March 3rd, DJ Matty will be making his Mod Club debut, alongside party fixture maestros DJ’s Gaz and Emmett. The first installment of our Mod Club guest DJ series went so excellent with DJ Calcutta, we were pumped for a repeat. DJ Matty (Visions, Disorganised, Shameless, Record Shaap RIP) will bring a different mix of dance floor treats alongside a good mix of oldies to get the party in high gear. Doors at 10 and no cover.