On Wednesday, September 19th, the bald headed MCs from Queens are coming to Ottawa and bringing their 100 Mad Tour with them. The rappers turned actors turned rappers have a gang of hit records under their belt including the all time classic “SLAM”. Vancouver’s Snak the Ripper and Panther & The Supafly, along with T.O.’s Bishop Brigante have joined ONYX on their 100 Mad Tour. Fresh off being appointed the newest member of Onyx’s 100 Mad Crew, the Battle Axe Warrior Snak the Ripper has just released his White Dynamite LP that features the smash single by the same name – “White Dynamte”! Panther & the Supafly is a Vancouver collective of musicians and producers that fuse the sounds of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, pop and electronic music. Panther just dropped his solo EP Blood & Joy that is more hip-hop and trap than electro and pop. Both albums are among the year’s best releases. Opening the show is Ottawa’s own Atherton – Emcee/producer of independent hip-hop music, and host of Hip-Hop Karaoke which takes place the 3rd Thursday of every month at  Babylon.

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