Victory Over Vice is a fundraiser right here in Ottawa’s Centretown community which recruits community members to give up an unhealthy vice for the month of January and raise pledges in support. We work hard to promote healthier lifestyles one participant at a time. But it starts with you! Everyone Has a Vice: What’s Yours? Participants often choose to give up a vice such as candy or fast food or commit to a daily exercise, they often also give up procrastination or addictive behaviours such as internet browsing, smoking or shopping.

Here is Victory Over Vice’s steps for success: Choose your vice, choose your vice to quit, build support, encourage others to go vice-free, raise pledges, join in at events all January. On Sunday, November 30th, as a pre-Mod Club party come out and join us for Victory Over Vice’s Kick Off Event with local comedy acts and live music.

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