With all the energy that surrounds House of Paint, none quite compares to the engaging experience of the the festival’s newest performance event, the OG 500 Poetry Slam. Introduced in 2012, the OG 500 is a spoken word showcase that hosts a concert by a renowned feature artist followed by an intense three round cypher of words, wits and theatre. 12 of some of the best wordsmiths you’ll hear this side of the border compete in a head to head battle to let their pen speak, and one winner is crowned at the end of the night with the status of the HoP OG Slam Champ and a $500 reward! Check the event out on Thursday, September 10th.

Following the OG 500 Poetry Slam, House Of PainT has also teamed up with the Ottawa Beat League to put on the 3rd installment of the OBL beat battles. Featured acts are City Fidelia (ONF) and Raz Fresco (Duckdown Records, BakersClub).

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