Its that time of the year again folks, Hustle and Snow is upon us, The Dopest pre-season Kick-off party put on by The Carleton University Ski and Snowboard Club! There are some of you out there who have vague memories of Hustle & Snow from years past, but then there are also some who will be experiencing it for the first time. What is Hustle and Snow you ask yourself? It is something far too majestic, and frankly there are no words that have been created yet which can describe it. I’ll try and paint you a little picture though. Imagine, walking through a door and instantly being hit by beats being played by one of the sickest DJ’s in town DJ Brayden St-Germain (1/2 of the DJ duo We are Vendetta)!

So now that you know what is too expect, make sure to book the next week off work, so that you can party with the coolest kids in town (aka Carleton University Ski and Snowboard Club) and make the best memories that you probably won’t remember in the morning. Don’t forget to invite all your friends!

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