The universe of HILOTRONS is ever-expanding. Whether it’s the bouncy pop of “Lost in Yichang,” the almost-Caribbean bop of “Lovesuit,” the maniacally cyclical “Girls,” or a Kepler cover that’s even slower than the original, Happymatic‘s accomplishment is generous enough to gather all this diversity into an intensely cohesive record. It’s a staggering achievement, and one that may never leave the Ottawa valley. When all my grandstanding has the anticipated non-effect and the world spins along blithely in its ignorance, there will still be some good done by these cyborg wizards in their home town. In a scene stuck between Toronto and Montreal, a scene constantly berating itself for being too boring, too conventional, and too bureaucratic, there is yet pop music of the highest caliber, music that effortlessly encompasses the extremes of ambition and accessibility that bands so often pay lip service to yet so infrequently occupy. ~ Review by Coke Machine Glow

Hilotrons will be playing Babylon on Saturday, January 15th – $10 at the door.

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