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A lady smoking shisha

11 Best Shisha Lounge Toronto (2023)

There are different ways to enjoy your evening in Toronto besides indulging in cigarettes in the comfort of your home. You can drink with your pals at nightclubs, take your family to dinner- or relish Sisha in the most conducive environment. If the latter is your ideal fun, you have nothing to worry about.
Toronto has some of the best shisha lounges Canada has to offer. Guess what? You don’t need to discover them yourself. We …

Is It Legal to Vape Inside a Nightclub?

With nightclubs starting to reopen all around the globe, many partygoers are raring to go. With many changes being implemented due to the recent health scare, many people are left confused about what they can bring, including vaping.
Many who used to frequent nightclubs bring their vaping devices with them. Most are asking if it is still allowed, especially with many people getting easily ticked off about second-hand vapor.
What are the Restrictions for Vaping in Bars?
Is it legally …