Your exploration of Ottowa’s nightlife fun won’t be complete if you don’t spend some of your nights at the best bars in the city. After all, Ottowa is well known for having some of the swankiest bars where you and your friends can enjoy what the city’s nightlife has to offer.

From vintage bars to more modern establishments, these bars will undoubtedly make your trip unique and unforgettable. With that said, here are some of the best bars you’ll find in Ottowa:

1. The Black Thorn

The Black Thorn is a famous bar in Canada with a fascinating history. It used to be the center of the National Capital Commission Building. It was also once the home of carriage master Albert Thibert in the 19th century.

You can see the bar’s unique history and feel it come alive in the photos displayed by the building’s entrance. This bar is also spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests, thanks to its 200 rooms.

The rooms have different sections, like the main bar area, courtyard patio, dining rooms, and front area. The building also serves an array of breweries, dishes, wines to suit your needs.

2. The Bar Robo

If you are looking for a special place to have cocktails, coffee, and snacks, consider the Bar Robo your perfect venue.

Here, you and your friends can enjoy the extensive selection of food and drinks on their menu, and you can do so up until the wee hours. This makes it the perfect place for letting loose at night after exploring the city during the day.

3. The Moonroom

The Moonroom bar should be your next destination if you want to spend your nights away from the city. This bar is the best choice for evening cocktails and dinner in a fun-filled setting. It comes with amazing offers, and each one can cater to your tastes and preferences.

This bar has even put up string lights on the roof that gives it an incredible look that you just can’t miss. They also have an extensive list of beverages and a menu filled with delicious food that will make your night unforgettable.

4. The Clocktower Brew Pub

If you’re passionate about finding the best craft beers in Ottowa, then the Clocktower Brew Pub is your best bet. They serve five different varieties of craft beers that will undoubtedly suit any palate. It’s also the perfect place to expand your knowledge about craft beers.

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