Ottawa’s nightclubs offer the best entertainment destinations if you want to have a memorable night with your pals and loved ones. The city has the best and most well-known nightclubs that you and your friends can enjoy.

With that said, here are the best nightclubs in Ottowa:

1. The Mercury Lounge

This club is located at 56 Byward Market Square, and it’s popularly known for its two main dance floors. Every floor offers impressive entertainment options, and the DJ plays different genres of music to suit every person’s preferences.

They also have famous DJs and fantastic music to keep you entertained the entire night. You can even enjoy film screening services in their lounge to make your evening more exciting.

2. The Lookout Bar

The Lookout Bar is situated along 41 York Street, and it’s well-known for being one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa city for the last 19 years. This bar offers an array of drinks options and the hottest hits in music that will keep you entertained throughout the night.

3. The City at Night Bar

This nightclub is situated along 222 Slater Street, and it’s popularly known for its modern space where younger patrons can have fun. The bar has hip vibes and the hottest music that will keep you dancing and having fun the entire night.

They also host some of Ottowa’s most popular events, complete with the best artists and DJs who often hold live events on weekends.

4. The 27 Club

This nightclub is situated at 27 York Street, replacing Zaphod Beeblebrox after its closure in 2017. This club is the perfect spot if you’re a fan of live music shows. Here, you can enjoy live music as you enjoy the variety of drinks on their menu.

The 27 Club sometimes even hosts unique events that have exciting themes, such as “Emo Night” and “Post Malone Night.” If you’re interested in attending one of these themed nights, you can always check their Facebook page for updates.

5. Mavericks

This bar is located at 221 Rideau Street, and it’s popularly known for playing live rock, punk, and grunge music. In fact, this lounge has hosted some of Canada’s most famous rock acts on stage over the last few decades.

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