The growing interest in using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) – otherwise known as vaping – is not a surprise at all.

You get to vape as long as you please because it’s limitless, unlike its conventional counterpart in which supply runs out. Some of the benefits not found in classic cigarettes include multiple aroma and flavor selection, nicotine consumption control, several options for controlling how much smoke the vaporizer produces, and most importantly, use it virtually anywhere.

Although, some nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and other similar venues might prohibit patrons from taking a puff due to guidelines in their premises. A few establishments have maintained compliance with their local health legislation.

Luckily, as long as you refer to this all-inclusive guide, you can still use your e-cigarette even in stringent venues. Here are some of the most important information that you should know about when vaping in nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants:

1. Show Consideration When You Vape

When you vape in a nightclub, pub, or restaurant, do your best to be prudent. It is common sense to be on your best behavior, especially in the venues mentioned previously.

Remember: you are not only having fun inhaling vapor, but you are also dealing or socializing with many different people, and some of them don’t share your interest – not at all. Also, avoid enclosed spaces when taking a puff.

2. Ask Your Fellows If They Are Comfortable Around Vapes

The smoke that e-cigarettes generate might put a few people into inconvenience. Therefore, you must ask permission from or talk to someone around you if they’re used to vapers hanging around with them. Recall the previous tip in this guide.

Be aware also because some people have preferences when speaking of aroma or flavor. In short, if they find your taste unbearable, they will not appreciate it at all. The best recommendation is to go vaping with only a handful of folks.

3. Do Not Blow the Vapor Closely to Other Peoples’ Faces

Before inhaling the vapor, watch your surroundings first. Doing so will prevent you from unintentionally offending some people, especially if you accidentally blow near the faces of everyone around you.

In most cases, though, nightclub and restaurant customers can tolerate the vapor that e-cigarettes produce. Just do your part and do not cause any trouble.

4. Avoid Producing Large Clouds of E-Cigarette Vapor

The 1970s is perhaps one of the most memorable periods because large crowds gather in pubs together with clouds of cigarette smoke. Nowadays, though, the smoking culture has significantly changed.

For fellows who are new to e-cigarette smoking or want to vape for the first time, take your time to get used to it. Never produce large clouds of vapor so that you won’t get choked.

It’s troublesome if you vape and create too many clouds of smoke in most places unless you’re participating in an e-cigarette smoking competition.


Vaping might take quite some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll mostly have second thoughts about going back to the usual cigarette. Whenever you visit a friendly joint with your vape in hand, follow their rules, and you’ll be all good. In other words, show courtesy and be mindful of your surroundings.

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