Ottowa is also a city where members of the LGBTQ community can relax and enjoy themselves as they explore the city’s incredible nightlife. With that said, check out some of Ottowa’s fantastic gay bars here:

1. The T’s Pub

Ottowa’s gay community can now enjoy what the T’s Pub has to offer. This pub comes with a spacious lounge area and a fantastic front patio where members of the LGBTQ community can meet and chat with the city’s locals.

This pub also has amazing drag shows and plays lively music, courtesy of their skilled DJs. It’s a friendly and relaxed pub where you can mingle with other gays.

2. Swizzles

If you prefer a down-to-earth spot to mingle with other gays in the community, Swizzles is the place to be. This gay bar is located in downtown Ottowa, and it hosts a variety of exciting events that cater to different interests.

These include events like stand-up events, karaoke nights, and game nights. It has an inclusive vibe that’s perfect for meeting other people during your stay in Ottowa.

3. Lookout Bar

This is a fantastic gay bar situated in Byward Market, and it’s well-known as the perfect venue to relax and unwind after a long day. This bar features multiple balconies where you can chill and enjoy a drink, all while appreciating the incredible view of Parliament Hill.

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